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100% Gel Nail Polish Wraps/Stickers

100% Gel Nail Polish Wraps/Stickers

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Luxury Nail Polish Wraps 🖤

Introducing our luxury, quick, 100% Nail Polish Wraps!

Created for everyone who wants to get glammed but can't make it to the salon 💋
These 100% nail polish wraps are so easy and safe to apply.
💎 Made for all ages!
💎Made for every occasion! ( Especially those last minute ones)
💎 No heat needed!
💎 Beautiful design fits most nail sizes!
💎 Super affordable to do your nails like a professional!
💎 Save Time and Money!

14 Nail Stickers
1 Nail file
1 Manicure stick
1 Alcohol Pads

All Sales Final due to nature of items

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact me

Thank you so much for your supporting my small business and a fulltime entrepreneur Mama 💋

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How To Prep 💅
》Use the wooden wand to gently push the cuticle back
》Use the alcohol pad to clean off dirt or grease on the nails
》Match the nail sticker with your nails
》Open nail strip pack & remove clear protective layer
》Apply to nail starting at base (do not apply over cuticles or skin)
》Press nail strip firmly onto nail
》Use the nail file to remove the excess sticker. Bend nail strip downward and then hold the nail file at a 90 degree angle using downward motion at the finger tip. ( Do not go back and forth or left and right if you want to keep the nail sticker longer lasting)

Additional Information 📍
💎Use immediately after opening
💎 Keep away from water for at least 2 hours (Best time to apply is before bedtime so you don’t forget to NOT wash your hands 😅 because mom brain kicks in ever so often and we forget )
💎 Apply with warm hands (if your hands are cold try and warm them up before applying)
💎Avoid soaking nails for 6-8 hours after applying
💎 Some lotions/sunscreens can make nails "tacky"
💎Apply clear topcoat for added protection ( especially if there are crystals and any decorations)
💎Remove with nail polish remover or warm soapy water (do not peel)
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